"Nodir Devon Begi" Hotel


  • Address: 95, M. Anbar str., Bukhara

Number of rooms: 20
Including: a luxury room, 3 semi-lux, 2 triple and 14 double rooms.

The hotel Devon Begi started to work on April, 2012. Devon Begi – is a modern, comfortable hotel with western hospitality. It takes only a minute of walk from the hotel to reach famous Lyabi-Khause Complex.
Initially the hotel was built as a house for the rich merchants. Peculiarity of such houses is enclosed court for a pleasant time-spending with a cup of tea and national candies. This gives special charm and joy to the guests. All the rooms are built and decorated in national Bukharian style. The ceiling in the rooms is made in ancient Bukharian style: high ceilings decorated with the hand-made wood.
Restaurant "Devon Begi" offers the fascinatingly delicious dishes of the Uzbek and European kitchen, excellent desserts and wine.