"Khorezm Palace" Hotel


  • Address: 2 Al-Beruni Str., Urgench

Hotel «Khorezm Palace» - is a modern 4-star hotel complex located in city Urganch- administrative center of Khorezm region.

The infrastructure of the hotel allows to provide services to high-end and includes a business center (equipped with the latest high-quality office equipment, communications, and is a perfect venue for small seminars, trainings and business meetings), the system is wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) in all rooms -Easy for both tourists and businessmen.

Hotel «Khorezm Palace» was reconstructed in 2002 on the basis of the old hotel "Khorazm-Intourist".

Today the hotel «Khorezm Palace» on the level of equipment and quality of service is included in the leading position in class 4 stars and at this time is the hotels by price / quality in the city of Urgench.

«Khorezm Palace» hotel is the only hotel in the Khorezm region, which has an independent system of water treatment and ozonation.

This is largely due to well developed infrastructure streamlined, created by the world's best hotel service standards specimens, including the only control system Fidelio V8 in the Khorezm region.

Fidelio V8 - this functionality, reliability and flexible configuration possibilities. This revolutionary incarnation of the proven business logic and the concept of further development of the leader Micros-Fidelio market. This is an opportunity to exchange all the necessary information about the guests and hotel clients.

The complex of the hotel building blends into the environment of Urgench, keeping the features of the urban landscape. During the construction of the building into account climatic factors, temperature and humidity, rainfall, and wind speed and direction.

control and management system allows you to quickly and easily perform everyday tasks: room reservations, registration of guests, reservation tables and processing orders in a restaurant provides an individual approach to each client, taking into account their preferences and categories.

The hotel staff provides real-time monitoring of the state of rooms, equipment, booking systems, admission, routine maintenance, and is directly related to automated accounting systems.

The communication system allows our guests to use the modern means of communication, including wireless internet access via Wi-Fi technology, long-distance and international telephone and facsimile.

Accommodation is also provided with the comfort of both non-smokers and people with disabilities.

For business travelers, there is a possibility to rent any additional equipment.

The hotel is always ready to give a warm welcome and do everything possible to make your stay as comfortable and productive business trip!