Uzbekistan Is Recognized as One of the Safest Countries for Tourists

28 Mar 2017 04:34 am

The main criterion for assessing the level of security has become the global terrorism index.

The evaluation and ranking are conducted in the framework of the Report on the key global trends of terrorism in the past 15 years. At this time, the Institute placed special emphasis on 2014.

The document is based on information from sources on international terrorism, which is provided by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism.

It examines all the changes and trends in the spread of terrorism in 162 countries. According to the global terrorism index, Uzbekistan joined the 38 countries that are safe to visit on a scale of the index.

The list includes Japan, South Korea, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Singapore and other countries. According to the experts, there is no impact of terrorism on the social and economic life of the country only in these 38 countries.