The Nadir Devan-Begi Khanaka

The Nadir Devan-Begi Khanaka

The Nadir Devan-Begi Khanaka is one of the oldest and most beautiful medieval madrassahs of Bukhara. Here tourists and visitors can enjoy the performance of the folk ensemble and national performance, accompanied with live music. Here, in the madrasah Nadir Devan-Begi, you will have a unique opportunity to join the culture of the Uzbek people, to feel an oriental spirit, including traditional dances music, cuisine etc.

The Nadir Divan-Begi, which is the part of the Lyabi-haus complex, was named in honor of a noble man, who had initiated the construction- vizier Nadir.

He was a vizier at the court of one of the great rulers of the time (1611-1642 year) Imamkuli Khan. Historical artifacts helped scientists to conclude that the period of his reign was distinguished by stability and well-being. At that time, more attention was paid not to military affairs but to the development of the city and its infrastructure.

According to the initial decision of Nadir, the builders were to build just a Khanaka where Sufis could take a rest and be given to philosophical thinking, but eventually, opposite the Khanaka there appeared a caravanserai. During the opening ceremony the supreme ruler said it was wrong to have a caravanserai next to a sacred place. In view of this, he ordered to immediately transform the newly opened caravanserai into a madrasah.

The madrasah was built in the classic Muslim architectural traditions, but it did not prevent the architects from making a few innovations. For example, when decorating the facade of the madrasa drawings of various living creatures were actively used, which went beyond the prevailing ideas of that time. On the central portal of the madrasah architects placed the birds of happiness.

Folk show begins with silent national music, which gradually turns into a great show. The repertoire of the program is very interesting. You will see the dances of various regions of Uzbekistan: Uzbek national dance, Fergana classical dance, Khorezm folk dance, as well as Tajik and Arab dancing. Between dances, beautiful girls demonstrate fashion show of exquisite collections that combine modern fashion and national traditions.

Enjoying the performance of folk concert, you will also be offered the national Uzbek cuisine: pilaf, manti, damlama, kavurma-lagman, oriental sweets, and of course the eastern hospitality. There are many souvenirs of folk arts and crafts in the shops of madrasas’ hujras. You can buy them to remember this unforgettable trip.

Having been in Uzbekistan, be sure to visit the folk show in madrassas Nadir Devan-Begi. You will plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of national traditions of the eastern people in this friendly and festive atmosphere.